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Water is one of the most important resources on earth. Although more than three-fourths of our planet is covered by water, the amount of water suitable for human consumption is less than 1%. At the Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa we own a private well that provides us with clean drinking water and does not place any demands on water sources designated for the local communities. It is our obligation to use this water responsibly, especially during the dry season (December to April) when water becomes scarce.


Our Contributions:

  • We carefully treat our wastewater at our own treatment plant that meets the highest international environmental standards and is constantly monitored and tested to improve water quality. We recently invested more than $270,000.00 in an upgrade to our Water Treatment Facility in order to treat the residual wastewater with both biological elements and a system of ultra-violet light, which enables us to use that water to irrigate the gardens on our property, thereby recycling this precious resources and avoiding additional strain on the well water system.
  • To reduce the consumption of bottled water, we have installed water filtration drinking water units around the property for use by our guests and our staff.
  • We have installed low flow faucets and showerheads, which conserve water while still providing adequate water pressure for our guests.
  • We use only non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products, which will not contaminate our groundwater, the nearby Pacific Ocean, nor the sensitive mangrove wetlands adjacent to the hotel.
  • Our maintenance staff makes the repair of leaking faucets, toilets, pipes and showerheads a top priority as soon as any leak is reported.
  • We continually monitor our water consumption and institute austerity measures in the dry season.
  • We continually monitor the quality of our drinking water and pool water using professional laboratory services.
  • We sponsor and promote regular beach clean ups, help support the community to do regular ocean water-quality monitoring, and provide security for all tourists on our beach


A large percentage of an organization′s carbon footprint is its energy use. Energy consumption from non-renewable sources is considered by many to be the cause of serious global climate change. In order to our impact on our atmosphere and our earth, we must consume energy wisely.


Our Contributions:

  • The majority of our light bulbs are compact fluorescent light bulbs which use much less energy and have a longer life than the more commonly used, and less energy-efficient incandescent bulbs. We also use LED lighting where feasible.
  • We attempt to maximize the use of natural lighting.
  • We utilize many open spaces that are designed to capture our ocean breezes and thereby not require air conditioning, including our lobby and the Sunset Lounge.
  • We continually monitor our energy use with the goal of reducing our consumption through the use of best staff practices and continual investment in new, energy-saving technologies.


Solid waste is a major contribution to pollution. The proper disposal of wastes can reduce 40-60% of the final volume in landfills. Even so, some materials, such as many plastics, become toxic when they decompose. Waste management first begins with producing less waste and then separating it appropriately.


Our Contributions:

  • We have placed trash receptacles and recycle bins in easily accessible areas for our guest′s convenience.
  • We separate all of our trash and deliver it to responsible recycling centers.
  • Organic waste, not including fats and oils, produced in the kitchen is recycled and used in local farms as compost.
  • We regularly staff and fund local beach and mangrove clean up operations.


At Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa, we aim to only purchase products that are environmentally friendly and that support the local economy as much as possible. We are making gradual changes in our purchases so that eventually all appliances, cleaning products, guest amenities, and food products that are purchased for the use of the hotel will not cause damage to the environment in production or disposal. This year we started an organic garden on a plot of land near the hotel, staffed by students from EARTH University, in order to provide farm fresh, organically grown vegetables, fruits and herbs for our restaurant.

Our Contributions:

  • We planted our own local organic produce garden.
  • Support local fishermen by purchasing their catch for the restaurant.
  • Support local growers by purchasing their fruits, vegetables, and meats.
  • We purchase recycled paper and further recycle the paper used in our offices.
  • We minimize the purchase of items that produce excess waste.
  • Our take-out containers and disposable items from the restaurant are made from biodegradable materials.
  • We only purchase trash bags that are biodegradable
  • We only use cleaning products produced by a reputable, environmentally responsible company to ensure that their disposal does not harm the environment.
  • Maintain local and regional business partnerships with reputable, environmentally responsible companies such as TAM Tours and Playa Vida Watersports


Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa wishes to be a hotel where every guest enjoys his or her stay without any disturbances. For this reason we do not permit smoking inside the rooms or in the enclosed public areas such as the inside of Arenas Restaurant. Please smoke only in the open public areas such as the pool bar Magallanes and the terrace of Arenas. Please help us with this request and refrain from smoking inside your room.


Costa Rica is known for its abundant natural beauty. In fact, a full 5% of the total species of flora and fauna identified worldwide can be found here. So far 8,500 species of plants, 220 species of reptiles, 160 species of amphibians, 205 species of mammals and 850 species of birds have been found here. But environmental degradation has affected the flora and fauna greatly.


Our Contributions:

  • Our resort sponsored a study by the Nicholas School for the Environment at Duke University to protect and preserve the Mangrove wetlands. Through our sponsorship, several graduate students in Environmental Science were able to map the Mangroves, study and chart the health of the wetlands, study, categorize and chart all of the wildlife in the wetlands, and make a list of bird species found in this sensitive area. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE about this exciting and valuable project
  • We work to protect wild animals, part of which means that we do not feed them.
  • We plant many native species of plants around the property, and other species that are non-invasive, adapted to the Guanacaste climate and attract many native birds and butterflies.
  • We have books and literature available to our guests so they may learn more about Costa Rica′s flora and fauna.
  • We take our guests on nature walks to learn more about the local flora and fauna.
  • Together with TAM Tours, we strive to provide our guests a variety of options for easy access to the many natural attractions Costa Rica has to offer.


Assisting our local communities is an important part of our commitment to creating a better world. For example, we collaborate closely with the CEPIA ASSOCIATION, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote health, education, sports and culture for children and teenagers from low-income families in Guanacaste′s coastal communities by providing food, supplies, and meetings and banquet space for a variety of their sponsored events. You can assist us in our efforts by agreeing to donate $1.00 to CEPIA upon your check-out.


We also fully support the community organizations of Brasilito, Potrero, Cartagena, Huacas, Villareal, Santa Rosa, La Garita. We assist these communities with their fundraisers and a wide-range of cultural events. We provide supplies, construction materials, furniture, equipment and other forms of assistance to schools and churches in all of these nearby towns and villages.
 Our parent company supports the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami, FL. Fairchild is a premier research and educational institution in South Florida which is dedicated to conserving tropical plants, driven by the imperative to avoid the extinction of species and their habitats.


Finally, we actively promote the rich culture and heritage of Guanacaste. One of our favorite cultural programs is our “Noches Típicas” a weekly event where we introduce our guests to the local dances, music and traditional costumes.
We also support local artists. Our room art features renditions of Costa Rica flora and Guanacaste landscapes by Jacques Quillery, a celebrated national artist.