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At the Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa, Every Day is Earth Day!

The Flamingo Beach Resort has a strong and unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. In 2011 we proudly obtained our Certificate for Sustainable Tourism with a level of four “leaves,” meaning that we have met stringent conditions to ensure that we maximize our energy savings, strive toward carbon neutrality, protect and preserve our country´s flora and fauna, educate our guests and staff members as to best environmental practices, promote Costa Rican cultural values, and foster social development and equality. At present we are working very hard toward gaining a higher 4- or 5-leaf certification in the coming year.


Our mission is to offer unsurpassed service and hospitality to our guests in a clean, comfortable lodging environment, to ensure that their visit to Costa Rica is an unforgettable and recommendable experience. We would like for our guests to return and continue to witness the same natural beauty of Costa Rica that they experienced on their first visit here. We aim to remain the number-one guest rated lodging in the Playa Flamingo area. This achievement is based on:

  • Strict service and quality standards.
  • Highly professional and motivated staff.
  • A sustainable global operation that supports environment and community.


Within our realm of providing hotel operations and services, our vision is to preserve and protect the local environment so that it may be enjoyed both by today´s visitors and those of future generations. We also hope to attain higher sustainability standards every year by continued investment in the technology, equipment and personnel that will help further this aim. Click here to learn how you can help us in our efforts to preserve the environment!

Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa is proud to sponsor Happy Garden.  Happy Garden is an institution focused on solving the needs of parents from our community, while most of them are working during the whole day, without any other choice than leave their children in a safety place, where their own security is guaranteed, but the most important issue it´s to prepare these children to be incorporated in their own environment with love, security and responsibility; guaranteeing them a qualified care service using a learning program according their own needs, contemplating each child as a unique person, promoting valued and harmonious lives, but the top priority of all this is to build their own knowledge through* experiments and games.

If you want to help when visiting our resort, please click here for more information