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Costa Rica National Parks

The Unrivaled Splendor Of Our Costa Rica National Parks

Parque Nacional Las Baulas
12.5 miles from the hotel
Las Baulas National Park is located next to Tamarindo Beach, covering 4.2 square kilometers of beach, dry forest, and swamp. The park also serves as the nesting ground for the endangered leatherback turtle, the world's largest turtle. Nesting season runs from October to March. The area itself extends to the outskirt beaches of the park and the turtles deposit their eggs from Playa Grande to Playa Langosta and Junquillal. Activities include surfing and sunbathing.

Refugio de Vida Silvestre Ostional
56 miles from the hotel
Ostional Wildlife Refuge is located north of Nosara Beach. This national park serves as a refuge and nesting ground for the Oliver Ridley turtle. Nesting season runs from July to December. At the park, catch a glimpse of iguanas, howler monkeys, and a variety of colorful birds.

Barra Honda Parque Nacional
61 miles from the hotel
This is the only national park designed to protect caves. It's famous for its hundreds of miles of underground limestone caverns and caves - of which only 19 have been discovered so far. Tours of the caves are available and last about an hour.

Parque Nacional Palo Verde
69 miles from the hotel
The Palo Verde National Park is also the home of the Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve. The park functions as a sanctuary for a wide range of habitats, from mangrove forests to evergreen and dry forests. In addition, an extensive marshland serves as wintering ground for North American waterfowl. This is a bird-watcher's paradise, although there are also wonderful opportunities to observe other wildlife.

Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja
72 miles from the hotel
Tribes believed that la vieja (old witch) on top of the mountain sent clouds of smoke into the air when she got angry. This is one of Costa Rica's richest ecological parks - boasting a variety of climates, regions, and altitudes, which, in turn, lead to a great diversity in its flora and fauna. The park is also famous for its six different volcano peaks, including one with 32 rivers flowing down from its crest. In addition, boiling mud pits, active geysers, a fresh-water volcanic lagoon, thermal waters, and beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes are all part of its allure.
A very well-known area of the park is Las Pailas, located on the southern slope of the volcano. There is a hike offered from Las Pailas to the ranger station located at the top of the volcano's summit. Each phase of the hike highlights a different type of ecological scenery.

Parque Nacional Santa Rosa
86 miles from the hotel
Santa Rosa was one of the first national parks to be declared, and has both ecological and historical value. It is the site where the Battle of Santa Rosa took place as well as the events leading to the annexation of Guanacaste to Costa Rica. As for its ecological allure, the natural reserve protects an array of plants and animals, and serves as a protected nesting area for two types of turtles.
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